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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

A Simple Solution for Sophisticated Plans.

Nonqualified executive benefit plans are often incredibly complex—each one is unique—and managing them can be challenging. That’s why you need a comprehensive platform backed by an expert team that can quickly and seamlessly get your plan off the ground and running smoothly.

Built by more than 75 years of nonqualified plan experience and more than 20 years of cloud-based technology experience, the mapbenefits team takes these often-complex 409A plans and translates them into a seamless online experience for both plan sponsors and their participants.

Designed as a total solution for the sophisticated structure of executive benefit plan administration, mapbenefits streamlines a complex process allowing corporations, financial firms and 401(k) providers to leverage a fast, secure, world-class and 409A-compliant technology platform for nonqualified plan administration.



Take control of your nonqualified deferred compensation plan and build a better experience for your team.


Financial and Consulting Firms

Add value to your client relationships and enhance your service offerings with mapbenefits


401(k) Administrators

Give yourself a competitive advantage by offering your clients a custom white-label solution for all deferrals—qualified and nonqualified.

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