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Take Control

Do you have your plan administration outsourced to a third party? 
Eliminate the middleman and all of the complexities involved with administering a 409A plan by embracing mapbenefits as your plan administration platform and thought partner.

Are you administering your own plan
You can significantly enhance the in-house capabilities of your plan by using the mapbenefits platform.

Customization and Control
By design, each deferred compensation plan is as unique as the company sponsoring it. We work hand-in-glove with you and your HR and finance teams to customize a platform to meet your company’s needs—resulting in a comprehensive solution to help you better administer your deferred compensation [nonqualified] plans.
  • mapbenefits gives you the power to create, control and customize your company’s deferred compensation administrative solution to deliver more value to your team’s participants while reducing risk and cost for the company—plus the platform looks at both sides of the balance sheet for asset and liability reconciliation!
  • Your HR and finance administrators have access to your company portal to view statements, participant account details and dynamic enterprise-level reporting—including asset and liability management. mapbenefits also gives you the peace of mind knowing that all transactions are 409A-compliant.
  • One of the most popular mapbenefits features is a customized service calendar for plan management, keeping you up to date on enrollment and important reporting requirements.  
  • Executive participants can access mapbenefits 24/7 to manage their personal account information, complete enrollment and access real-time account activity.
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mapbenefits can be used to administer the following:

Deferred Compensation Plans (fixed and variable)

Long-Term Incentive Plans (LTIP)

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP)

Executive Disability Income Plans

Executive Long-Term Care Plans

Split-Dollar Plans

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