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Additional Services

Our team is here for you, our valued clients, working hard and continuing to deliver support and service at the highest levels. Read more about our multiple paths of customer care below. 

Advisory Services

mapbenefits can provide value and guidance in all aspects of deferred compensation plans including the following:

  • Plan Services
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Participant communications
  • Funding options and analysis
  • Fund due diligence
  • Plan accounting
  • Plan audit and evaluation
  • Compliance
  • Portfolio development
  • Board of director and executive team communications
Plan Enrollment

mapbenefits provides an enrollment platform that allows for concurrent enrollments of multiple plans. The enrollment platform can be customizable based on forms of deferral, participation requirements, deferral limits, and a variety of payout options.

Plan Transition Services
mapbenefits can work with you on any aspect of transitioning an existing plan to the mapbenefits platform. Consulting services can include the requirements and data needed from an existing administrator, plan set up and 409A compliance. We can also work as an extension of your existing team and communicate directly with the client and/or the current plan administrator as desired.
The Deferred Compensation Plan University
The mapbenefits DCP University gives you the education you need to understand nonqualified plans. Learn about the different types of deferred compensation plans, plan design options, IRC 409A, plan funding, plan security, plan implementation and plan administration.

MARLA AI for Nonqualified Plan Design

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mapbenefits has developed the first and only artificial intelligence for nonqualified plans called MARLA AI, which is built around 409A. MARLA AI provides intelligence around opportunities to enhance existing plan designs and provide more value to both plan participants and sponsor companies, using five core elements: plan deferrals, plan funding, plan security, plan payouts and plan administration.

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